Among the broad uses of Aloe Vera, its vital eminence of treating the skin is at the topmost. From eczema to healing and soothing burns, it’s the quick pain relieving properties that can never be ignored. Not only is the Aloe Vera external restorative it is equally curing for internal body tissues which includes relieving ulcers in different body organs.

Another of its beneficial quality includes immune system regulation. With this excellence it increases the resistance power against the current as well as prior conditions that lead to weakening body responses. In addition, it also acts as a shield at times when less immunity is required by the body such as during hay fever.

Overviewing its elements, Aloe Vera contains the maximum amount of water in it while just the minor part of it contains extremely powerful and tightly packed ingredients which includes amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, sugar. The extract of minerals that it contains helps widely in growth as well as healthy bodily functions.


Along with the B, C and E range vitamins Aloe Vera contains the trace amounts of vitamin B12 at its best. Vitamin B12 is a well-known vegetarian source and it and Aloe Vera works as a stream for absorbing it in the body and makes it accessible when needed. Aloe Vera grips the water and fat solubles from different vitamins that are taken in the form of food items and absorbs it in the body for effective functioning.


As mentioned earlier Aloe Vera has the excellent potential of fighting against different illness that human body undergoes. Its potential of combating against HIV and certain types of cancer is under the research to be explored. While it can also prove helpful in treating diabetes.

A number of researches upon Aloe Vera which explains its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti- inflammatory potential have been published. As already known, one of its potential of treating ulcer is due to its ability to release an enzyme called Pepsin which soothes the stomach and ultimately gives relief from the pain (Journal of the American Osteopathic Society, 1963, vol.62). In one of the study, the relief to the asthma among certain patients was connected with the immune response of the plant that it gives through its anti-inflammatory property.

A renowned study (1994, US) upon food and drug management showed that higher doses of Aloe plant treats certain viruses and tumors through the production of white blood cells.



Aloe Vera is highly rich in number of nutrients which includes:

Vitamin C:  This extract of Aloe Vera becomes active when the human body undergoes stress by higher blood circulation and regulating adrenal glands.

Amino acids: These are well known producers of protein in the body

Enzymes: Enzymes are also considered to be as the life-principle in every living thing. It helps rejuvenate old tissues and promote healthy skin.

Germanium: It is mineral which has several health benefits including improving immune deficiency, pain, cardiac disorders, and eye problems.

Moreover, Aloe Vera juice is considered to be the most effective body cleanser. It removes the morbid matter from liver, stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder and it is also known for colon cleanser. Research studies have indicated that the Aloe Vera juice greatly helps in improving digestion, healing stomach distress and ulcers. People also claim that it is a great healer for the problems like arthritis, kidney infections, constipation, insomnia and leg cramps. It works like an excellent internal tonic for energy and well-being. It also provides various health benefits to the human body and increases overall happiness.

Thus, Aloe Vera has several benefits for the human body. As the research is going on, there could be several other health benefits which are still unexplored. Aloe Vera is mostly known for healing inflammatory injuries and improves digestive system if taken orally. However, new studies suggested that it has really good effect on human hair as well. People with weaker hair or baldness use it regularly to stop hair fall and some of the people even assume that it will help in re-growing their hair. With all these benefits, Aloe Vera is considered to be a miraculous plant.